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'Velus (Vell-us) is a half-orc druid of the Arabel region. Apparently trained by the Initiated druids, Gurmbach and Eliphas, he emerged more notably leading The Gathering, a more expansive group of persons that while including druids, just as frequently included non-druids.

His claimed title of Oak Elder indicates a Silvanite leaning, and The Gatherings members included a wide array of elves, barbarians, druids, rangers, and even rumored lycanthropes. Among their most notable efforts were a key role in defeating the Great Helmlands Wyvern, and a running rivalry with the Red Moon hunters, culminating when Velus defeated their leader Helmar in a trial of huntsmanship to establish authority and recrutied him into The Gathering.

Velus and whatever presently exists of The Gathered are known to make their home in the northeastern wildlands and along the edge of Hullack. In the time of Queen Lhal they were awarded authority to capture necromancers and infernalists within their lands, though the present court has made no mention of whether this remains in effect.