• Ray of Flame (Ray of Frost) - d4 + 1 fire damage.
  • Flare, Light, Resistance as normal.

First CircleEdit

  • Fire Orb, Lesser (Magic Missile):- Ranged touch attack deals 1d8 + 1d8 / 2 levels (max 5d8) to target.
  • Wall of Smoke (Mage Armor):- 15% Concealment. 1 hour / level.
  • Shelgarn's Flaming Blade (Persistent Blade): Shelgarn's blade with added 1d4 fire damage.
  • Burning Hands, Endure Elements, Summon Creature I as normal.

Second CircleEdit

  • Flameburst (Ghoul Touch) - All targets within 10 feet of the caster take d8/level fire damage.
  • Flame Armor (Death Armor) - Any creature touching the target take d4 + 1 / 2 levels fire damage (max +5)
  • Combust, Continual Flame, Flame Weapon, Resist Elements, Cat's Grace, Eagle's Splendor, Summon Monster II as normal.

Third CircleEdit

  • Sight of Flame (Clairaudience / Clairvoyance) - Eyes glow with fire, gains Ultravision and See Invisibility as player is able to see heat flows rather than the normal light spectrum. 1 turn / level.
  • Greater Flame Weapon (Greater Magic Weapon) - 2d6 Fire damage, in addition to normal Greater Magic Weapon.
  • Hellborn Stalker (Displacement) - Transform into a Hell Hound for 1 turn / 2 levels.
    • Tracking, Breathe Fire
    • STR 17 CON 17 DEX 17
    • AC + 5
    • HP Bonus +10
    • 100% Immunity to Fire, 50% Vulnerability to Cold
    • +13 Hide/MS, +7 Spot/Liston, +12 Tumble
  • Fireball, Flame Arrow, Protection from Elements, Summon Creature III as normal.

Fourth CircleEdit

  • Orb of Flame (Charm Monster) - Deal 1d6 / level fire damage on a ranged touch, save vs fortitude or dazed for one round.
  • Meteor Storm, Lesser (Ice Storm) - Flaming rocks rain from the sky, causing 3d6 fire damage and 2d6 + (Caster level - 5) bludgeoning damage per level to everyone within a huge radius.
  • Blistering Radiance (Lesser Missile Storm) - 2d6 damage per round to any creature it strikes, they must make a Fortitude Save or be dazzled (-1 AB, spot search) by the initial strike. Damage per round is halved with a successful reflex save. 1 round / level.
  • Elemental Shield, Wall of Fire, Summon Creature IV as normal.

Fifth CircleEdit

  • Mass Fire Shield (Lesser Mind Blank) - Allies within range get benefits of Elemental Shield.
  • Shroud of Flame (Lesser Spell Mantle) - Firestorm effect, 1d8 fire damage / level. Reflex halves.
  • Firebrand, Lesser Planar Binding, Summon Creature V as normal.