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The settlement of New Kilgrave is new to the lands surrounding Arabel. Constructed in the past several months on the ruins of the former Banite settlement of Kilgrave in the Helmlands, New Kilgrave came into construction largely through the efforts of a group known as the New Kilgrave Militia. The settlement of New Kilgrave has steadily grown, frequently gaining new buildings and a considerable number of citizens.

Coat of Arms


Since the effort to rebuild the ruins of Kilgrave began, the settlement has undergone many changes. New buildings have been erected in place of the rubble, including a barracks for the New Kilgrave Militia, a chapterhouse for a sect of Pilgrims from the East Way, residential housing, and a temple dedicated to the god Bane.

Noteworthy Characters[]

Gorb: A goblinoid engineer, often seen guarding New Kilgrave's gates and instructing militiamen on the upkeep and use of New Kilgrave's catapaults.

Corporal Kogarf: This large half-ogre guards New Kilgrave's eastern gate. His story can only be imagined: he bears many awful scars on his legs, and appears to have been crippled and weakened compared to the mighty warrior he likely once was. This creature now holds the rank of Corporal in the New Kilgrave Militia.

Convicts: A force of fifteen men toil under the near constant rain of the Helmlands, working in chains to rebuild New Kilgrave's ruins. Rarely seen speaking, these bruised and beaten laborers sleep in tents during the few hours of the night they aren't constructing.

Lord Mayor Qu'Larq: A strange looking human, the self-titled Lord Mayor of New Kilgrave rules over the Helmlands. A stranger to Arabel and its surrounding lands, he speaks with an unplaceable accent and stands with a very hunched stance. The surprisingly charismatic young man has had a checkered history since entering Arabel: a mixture of tales of infernalism, dragon slayings, and charitable works leave many to question how they should feel regarding the character. The Lord Mayor is easily recognized by his staff, topped with a dragon's skull.

Commander Belaern: The impossing man-monster Belaern serves as the Commander of the New Kilgrave Militia. The freakish creature looks to have been stitched together from the parts of various men and monsters, and his prowess in battle has proven difficult to match.

Visual Information[]

New Kilgrave's colors are red and orange. Its coat of arms features a manticore on a red field being held by two shackled wyverns.

Alliances and Foes[]

New Kilgrave is often seen working in the company of the Zhentarim and its agents. New Kilgrave's good relations with the Zhentarim often openly spark distrust and anger from loyal Cormyreans, most notably through Lady Winters who has banished New Kilgrave's agents from the town of the Eveningstar.