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Formed in the year 1221DR by Marshall Lord Amadis Nemiel, the knights hail from High Dale. Their history is filled with tales of gallantry and offering themselves as military advisors and council to lords, never afraid to take to the field. They stand for the ancient knightly virtues of honour and chivalrous conduct. Background has no relevance on membership, though the firstborn son of any Knight may join without question.

Coat of Arms

They are a relatively small chapter, numbering around one hundred or so, and they are particularly thin in the higher ranks, boasting few older members. They are in the process of rebuilding their ranks after defending the city of Mosstone from goblin hordes

The Knights were led by the previous Lord Marshal, Caleb Beren. Having been drawn to Arabel after two of their Order was lost to a local noble, Lord Hursk. The Order has tracked him back to his manor north of the city and seen justice done. They have decided to remain, rebuild, and help stablise the area from the recent conflict. They hold great value in the noble arts of hunting and falconry. Lord Marshal Caleb Beren was slain by a great black dragon in the battle for Eveningstar.

The Knights are currently led by Lord Marshal Algarn. A recent development in the city's politics has drawn them closer to the Court of Queen Lhal, though many debate the wisdom of this. Lord Marshal Algarn is regarded as one of Queen Lhal's closest advisors. They serve the Queen having given their oath to serve her and supported her ascention to Queen of all Arabel with the locating of the Godfeather Sword, reputed to be held by the rightful ruler of the City.

Requirements to Join

  • Preferred level: Join before 5th level
  • Preferred Classes: Fighter, Paladin (minority), Ranger (minority, and must wear fullplate). Wizards are also accepted, but must be able to wield a blade and wear fullplate.
  • Preferred Deity: Nobanion by majority. Lathander and Siamorphe in a strong minority. Other deities exist within the faction, mostly good aligned and battle-oriented.
  • Preferred Alignments: LG, NG, LN
  • Race Limitations: Human and half-elf are most common. Any race accepted within reason.
  • Other: Must be able to wear heavy armor and wield martial weapons (such as long swords and great swords).