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The original estates near Suzail have been in the hands of the Obarstals since ...

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Move to Arabel[]


Noteworthy Characters[]

Currently, the house is ruled by the Lady Katelyn Obarstal, a dynamic and passionate individual whose recent escapades in Arabel have led to conflict and serious challenges for the house. Her house has a number of retainers who have held a variety of positions, including the dwarf Marin Lightsord, the elven bard Osynthir, and Ansequin Marsk, a priest of Torm.

With the ascension of Clar Banda to godhood Lady Katelyn Obarstal later on challenged the Pirates of Immersea and became a wealthy Pirate Lord herself, commanding the Tipsy Seagull. The good dwarven merchant Marin Lightsord left the Fivestar trading company and joined Lady Katelyn Obarstal on her many adventures. It is believed that she settled with a vast horde of gold and, despite all rumors and ill thoughts about her, still strongly believes and supports the Kingdom of Cormyr.

The Elven bard Osynthir is said to have given his life to defending a holy elven site in the Hullack, turning into a powerful spirit that haunts those who seek to harm the elves. Some believe that this has been his own decision as a penance for failling to prevent the ascenion of Clar Banda, others believe that he wished to do something of purpose since his love who was believed to be dead had been returned to him by no other than Clar Banda but she had become her first priestess which was something Osynthir could not cope with.

Knights of East Way[]

The Knights of East Way, led by their captain, Retainer Jordan Delgado, were created by Lady Katelyn to defeat the lichess Clar Banda before her rise to godhood. However, upon failing to defeat the lich, the Knights of East Way promptly adopted her as their patron goddess leading many to distrust their initial motivation. The group collapsed not long thereafter.