City of Arabel Wiki

Selecting Domains[]

Clerics must select two domains from the list of domains appropriate to their patron deity to be able to cast spells. The custom City of Arabel domains will not be available to you at creation unless you download the files here.

[The files are optional, but by downloading and extracting the two files in the .rar to your Override folder, you gain 34 new customized domains that work on City of Arabel. 'This override will not work on other servers and may cause errors if you try to log into them, but this is easily corrected by removing the files domains.2da and feats.2da from your Override folder.]


Changes default Element if the Caster is a Cleric and they have one of the following Domains: Ooze/Cavern/Earth = Acid Air/Storm = Electrical Water = Cold ** If the Caster has the First Domain as Air and the second one as Water - The First Domain will dictate the alteration of the default element.


If your domains are Ooze/Cavern/Earth, your darkfire will default to ACID If your domains are Air/Storm your darkfire will default to ELECTRIC If your domain is Water, your darkfire will default to COLD. The first domain you select will determine the element it changes to. So if you take STORM and WATER domain, STORM domain supercedes water, and will do ELECTRIC damage. If you took WATER then STORM it will do COLD.

Faerûnian Pantheon (Major)[]

Faerûnian Pantheon (Minor)[]

Drow Pantheon[]

Dwarven Pantheon[]

Elven Pantheon[]

Gnomish Pantheon[]

Halfling Pantheon[]

Mulhorandi Pantheon[]

Orcish Pantheon[]


^City of Arabel exclusive deities; may be given additional domains.

The Craft, Family, Mentalism, Moon, and Ocean domains are not currently supported.