City of Arabel Wiki

Arabel has seen many adventurers in its existence, the below is a small list featuring a few of these individuals, reknown or not who've made their living in or around the city.

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Characters of Arabel


Faction / Group



Aaron Chance The Lady's House ?????? 3
Abin Nix Deceased 3
Aboryn Rhaul Executed 3
Albert Steiner Arabel Militia / Purple Dragons Deceased 3
Aldous Stark Fivestars Deceased 3
Aldric DeMarche Active 4
Alexania Daxton Purple Dragons Deceased 3-4

Alphonse Castiel

Mages Guild Deceased 4
Amilyndria Dannodel Retired 3
Andrea Rhyssa Purple Dragons Retired 3
Andros Olen Custodians Executed 4
Anen Miewalle Unseen Hand Retired 3
Arvan Denethial(Sir) Knights of the Merciful Sword/ City Magistrate Retired 3

Astarn King

Arabel Militia / Unseen Hand Transferred 3
Bel´thrum Sova Dark Flame Cult / Sheriffs Retired 4

Bleely Mibsybell

Company of the Gear Dissapeared


Bremen Ontrous III Knight of the Red Hart Deceased 4

Brom Silverwood

? ?
Bromsay ic-Laessanar House Bresk Retired 3
Caden Galm Iron Wings Retired 3

Caden Schafer

Mages Guild Deceased 4
Calvin Brown Arabel Militia Deceased 3
Carse Farrien War Wizards Retired 2
Casper Cleareyes Purple Dragons Deceased 3
Charles Straus Arabel Militia Alive - Militia Officer 3
Chaste Fardrift Adventurers Guild Retired 4

Christopher Alistair

Sheriffs Deceased 4
Christopher "Crispy" Le Hallows Retired 4
Cornelius Honeydew Arabel Militia ? 3
Corynt Senthent Purple Dragons Deceased 3
Cyprian Overmar Sheriffs Deceased 4
Damien Locke Eclestian Order ? 3
Daratrix Irthovir Crimson Brotherhood Retired 4
Del'mier Black Rocks Retired 3

Delulith Mellein

? ?
Dorn Swift ? 3
Drudo Daessi Retired 3
Durdyn Arrick Executed 3
Ector Anscoul Knights of the Merciful Sword Resigned 3
Edmund Cavalier Deceased 4
Eldaris Shadusk War Wizards Retired 3


Druid Circle Deceased 3-4
Emthara Olorar ? ?
Emrys Talongrove ? 4
Evemerus Lycanther ? 4
Gabriel Kalindor (Lord) Tethyrian Noble / House Kalindor Deceased 4
Galandrias Shadowalker Elven Warband Deceased 3
Gamwell Scathelock Stark Wyvern Deceased 3
Gerard "Ivo" FitzClerque Deceased 4
Ghargan Darkmaul Deceased 4

Giovani Diangelo

Sheriff / Legion Deceased 4

Gregorius Fallow

Mages Guild Deceased 3
Gurmbach Fernstrider Deceased 3-4
Gwarn Fireblood Murdered 4
Haakon Dracohorn(Lord) Noble/Royal Militia/Purple Dragon Retired 3
Helmar Bloodchurn Red Moon / Shattered Blade / Sheriffs Deceased 4
Ixion´ekhui Edinazzu Blind Varlets Deceased 4
James Mayfields Arabel Militia Resigned 3
Jhavier Lizardclaw Retired 3
Jestomil Calwyr House Fezznick Retired 3
Jhlessia Brightmantle Retired 4
Joseph Hess Knights of the Merciful Sword Retired 3
Kaeden Myers Purple Dragons Resigned 3
Karce Ordon Murdered 3
Karl "Blubeard" Stoneguard Deceased 3
Kaeden Myers Arabel Militia / Purple Dragons Retired 3
Kassedy Ward Purple Dragons Resigned 3
Kieron Shadwell Mystran Shrine Retired 3
Kinko Tylin Retired 4
Koriano Keeler House Thond Retired 2
Ky'ran Lordoron Tormite Deceased 3
Laioric T'Laeren Elven Warband Deceased 3
Lilys Wellington War Wizards Retired 3
Mangus Gunnar Easthaven Retired 4
Mann Shira Deceased 4
Malverick Antara Retired 3
Mara Krows Arabel Militia Resigned 3

Marin Lightsord

Retired 4
Marvin "Miles" Stalyn Arabel Militia Deceased 3
Matilda Kaydence House Bresk Deceased 3
Maw Deceased 3
Melanie Bresk House Bresk Deceased 3
Miki Swift Retired 3

Morden Haar

Active 4
Miyara Shadowmoon In the Lady's House 3
Morich Leonson Purple Dragons Resigned 3
Morn Darkwood House DeSchurr Abroad 3/4
Murji Hodgewocket Deceased 4
Nantiska Thornhive Retired 3
Nathan Goldmane Knights of the Merciful Sword Retired 3
Natassia Bresk House Bresk Deceased
Neil Bryant Purple Dragons Retired 3
Nelson Alastyr Murdered 3
Nessa Druid Circle ? 3
Novo Mundus Chilling at the Guildhall 4
Octand Delarath House Thond / Purple Dragons Resigned 3
Oliver Baba Militia / Purple Dragons Retired 3
Pyatt Pree Petrified 3
Quamara Zyari ? 4
Qyrgen "Haze" Xhazenaer Executed 4
Rahvan "Grim" Kahgrimakt Executed 4
Raice Bannon Unseen Hand Deceased 2
Rav House Bresk Active 1

Raslyn Dracart

? 4
Riautu Ek'turst Cult of Dragon Executed / Fugued 3
Richard Emmerson Knights of the Merciful Sword Resigned 3
Richard Stallner Knights of the Merciful Sword / City Judge ? 3

Ruby Sandneedle



Samarin Nar'falon House Thond / War Wizards Deceased 3
Shalinda Nand Active 4

Slavarian Akhar

Deceased 4
Sydney Archenson House Bresk Deceased 3
Teth Silvermane Kelemvor Retired 3
Thaun Khelbor Retired 4
Tarrith Swift Retired 3
Theo Kain War Wizards Retired 3
Theodoric Edom Knights of the Merciful Sword Retired 3
Thrag Grelxsen Retired 3
Tobin Sett Deceased 3
Tomas Xavien War Wizards Resigned 3
Ulayne Umi House Fezznick/Black Dragons Retired 3/4

Uluna Seril



Vanin Thierdyn Deceased 4


? ?

Velerad Mordred

Deceased ?
Velus Druid Circle/The Gathering Active 4
Vorn Xarran Petrified 3
Vrugor Hexzcor Executed 3/4
Wanderer Harpers/Druid Circle/UMM Deceased 3
Welston Alanvil (Sir) Knight of the Red Hart Deceased 4
William Brightman Purple Dragons Retired
Xool Rhagnal Retired 4
Xzavien Kreswell Easthaven / Sheriffs Viceory of Arabel 4
Zyl D'Enitor Arabel Militia ? 3

(Made a small edit to the Version column, I've only just noticed that some of the characters appeared in version 5, which to my knowledge has not yet occurred, and is currently under discussion ergo; all versions for characters have been amended.)